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Oakland City Council Takes Up Oakland Raiders Stadium, Golden State Warriors Lease Extension - Video

Oakland City Council Takes Up Oakland Raiders Stadium, Golden State Warriors Lease Extension As this is written on Tuesday April19th at 3:17 pm, the Oakland City Council is taking up the dual topics of the matter of Coliseum City and land negotiations and lease with the Oakland Raiders as well as the Golden State Warriors' own lease extension. The meetings are in closed session right now, and the agendas read that the City Council is taking up the following issues (these aren't the only ones on their agenda): 1. The standard language of the Oakland City Council Closed Session agenda is “price and terms for acquisition of real property” and describes the boundaries around which comprise the Oakland Alameda County Coliseum. The persons in attendance at the meeting are Oakland City Administrator Sabrina Landreth, Assistant City Administrator Claudia Cappio, former Oakland City Manager Henry Gardner, Mark Sawicki, Pat Cashman, Larry Gallegos, Oakland City Attorney Barbara Parker, and Dan Rossi, a long time City of Oakland lawyer. The Oakland Raiders, Oakland Athletics, and the County of Alameda are named as negotiating parties. This is a big deal, and points to a major break in the matter of the development of the Oakland Coliseum City and stadiums for the Raiders and the Oakland A's. 2. The second sports-related item involves the Golden State Warriors and Landreth, Parker, and Dianne Millner, also an Oakland lawyer. The focus is on the Warriors' lease extension and related payments, and because they are tied up in lawsuits regarding the planned San Francisco Arena. 3. The third Oakland sports-related item involves the Raiders and the actual “price and terms of payment” associated with the newly signed one-to-three-year-lease. It should be noted that the first item is listed on closed session regularly and updates are given. But the last two are time specific and it was noted to me that Oakland City Councilman Larry Reid called the meeting with the Raiders and the lease issue for today. While Oakland Raiders Complain, San Diego Makes Own Stadium Plan While the Oakland Raiders complain to what's left of the mainstream media that “nothing's going on” in Oakland, and the reporters eat it up, the San Diego Chargers show that the Raiders themselves have to be blamed for the inaction in our city. The Chargers have been in the process of creating their own stadium plan, one for a Downtown San Diego facility. San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer has said he wants to see a design for the concept, but the financial plan calls for $650 million in lease-revenue bond financing (called “private” but not really), $300 million from the NFL, and the remainder from a proposed increase in the hotel tax. By contrast, the Raiders have not come up with their own viable fiscal plan – I've created one for them which is better, but they won't use that one. Instead, Mark Davis runs to Las Vegas, waits for his stadium guy Larry McNeil to come on board (which has happened), but in total has done nothing to date.
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