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Liked on YouTube: Oakland Martinizing On Grand Has Racist Clerk #Oakland

Oakland Martinizing On Grand Has Racist Clerk #Oakland - Video

Oakland Martinizing On Grand Has Racist Clerk The Oakland One-Hour Martinizing On Grand Avenue has a really racist clerk who is such that I will never spend my money there again. Ever. I had just come to pick up my cleaning for my trip and even then had just come from a cafe where I was having an espresso and croissant, but when I went to get sugar for my coffee, one female light skinned black officer who was so far away from me that I barely saw her out of the corner of my eye, moved away with such a rapidity that I said "I don't bite". That was so weird I could not get it out of my head. At the cleaners, a black woman offered to help me so I could get my clothes. To gauge my observation, I told her what happened. But as I am in the middle of describing the event, a while woman with short brunette hair comes out and says "What's the problem?" I said "There is no problem. Why does there have to be a problem?" The simple fact she thought something was wrong was really just an example of yet another microaggression that many blacks deal with and are taking about. Minorities of all stripes. Its behavior done to them that says "I am threatened by you just because of your presence." So when I tried to finish the story - really I had but was re-explaining it for her thinking she would listen, she instead said "We don't allow that in here." I told her that I was a long standing customer and blogger and I would report her bad treatment. I got my clothes, let the other clerk have my change as a Christmas present for being nice, and left. I shared what happened to me there with my Uber driver, who is black, and who said "That was wrong. What is wrong with her?" What was worse is that when I called to talk to the owner, I got her and told her that her behavior was just wrong. But instead of apologies from her she went on to tell me that she was a former customer too, and that I did not know who SHE was. She said that I was "being political" which is a complete lie. The problem is her inability to listen means she can't stand to hear the truth. As if her status is going to make me spend money at that Oakland cleaners. Not anymore. As long as she is at Grand Avenue Martinizing, I will never go there again. She was being completely rude and racist - I will not deal with it.
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