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Erica Kinsman Facebook Jameis Winston Accuser Party Girl The Hunting Ground Ignored - Video

Erica Kinsman Facebook Jameis Winston Accuser Party Girl At Red Rocks Bar - The Hunting Ground didn't report this. Erica Kinsman is the then Florida State University student, who met then-freshman QB Jameis Winston in December of 2012 at a bar called Pot Belly's in Tallahassee, Florida. The events point to an alcohol fueled sexual encounter with two direct witnesses. But Kinsman did not accurately recall events, and so assuming that she was sexually assaulted, contacted Tallahassee Police. But because she declined to press charges, and many would not talk, the case was delayed. After a new lawyer for Kinsman got involved, the case was reopened, and what followed was an attempt to paint FSU QB Jameis Winston as a rapist, inspite of the fact that the seamen stains found on Kinsman's panties was from another man named Jamal Roberts. Even though Kinsman admitted she had sex with Roberts and vice versa, he has said next to nothing, and no one has tried to look at his background. Meanwhile Winston has been cleared of criminal actions - he did not rape or assault Erica Kinsman. But that has not stopped her from trying to get his money in a civil lawsuit. The now Tampa Bay Buccaneers QB has played well, even as Kinsman went to make her face and name public in a documentary called "The Hunting Ground" But the truth about Kinsman has not been revealed, and until I found her Facebook Page here: I found it after searching for Jamel Roberts Facebook Page and then noticing a correspondance with an "Erica Nicole" - the photos are of Kinsman, and a communication with two others with the last name of Kinsman helps to confirm that the page belongs to Erica Kinsman. Erica Kinsman's Facebook Page reveals a young woman who's actions did not heat up until 2012, when she entered Florida State and joined the sorority Delta Zeta. On September 3rd 2012 a photo was posted where Erica was tagged as being part of a party at Red Rocks Bar and Dance Club - a popular place that even has stripper poles on its dance floor and caters to the FSU crowd. She is second from the right in the photo. But it was not the only time Erica was at Red Rocks Bar and Dance Club, as there is another photo of her at an SAE Party the very next year. Erica Kinsman, from her Facebook Page, was enjoying a common right of passage that includes drinking and dancing and dating as a freshman. My assertion from what I have read is that Kinsman does not remember what happened with Jameis Winston and that drinking made her a different and more sexually aggressive woman. Erica, like many young women, has been taught that its not good to be a woman who wants sex just for pleasure - so she masks her real desires then uses drink to bring them out. Jekyll and Hyde as a sorority girl. Something everyone has either missed or willfully ignored. Until now. Where Jameis Winston is at fault is in not calling her after he dropped her off that night. He could have helped her remember what really happened, ended any negative ideas, and the two could have been friends. More: Visit our blog here:
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