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Fred Roggin NBC LA Floyd Kephart Coliseum City Oakland Shill Sends Nasty DM - Zennie62

Fred Roggin NBC LA Floyd Kephart Coliseum City Oakland Shill Sends Nasty DM - Video

Fred Roggin, who's the Sports Director for NBC Los Angeles, contacted me on direct message to complain about my video where I accused him of being in the tank for Floyd Kephart, the head of New City Development LLC, and also of racism: having white faces on to talk about Coliseum City, but then finding crazy excuses not to have me on to talk about the subject I know better than anyone else - again, Coliseum City. See, whites tend to see racism as name calling, where blacks see racism as exclusion, and there are legions of examples of this, thanks to social media. Fred doesn't get it, but he's playing right into that classic behavioral pattern of racism.' After writing to me that he would call me for future shows on Coliseum City, and then not doing so, and my video accusing him of being Floyd's mouth piece, Fred wrote this to me today: Fred: When you are officially part of the negotiations with the city or county we would be interested in your perspective. People with opinions call the show. When you are recognized by my NFL sources, we would have you on as a guest. Race has never been a factor in our bookings and I'm fairly confident that none of guests would ever bring up race as an issue. To be perfectly honest, it's insulting. We believe our audience deserves better than that. Me: I'm just expressing what others say to me. NFL sources should never be a gauge because you don't know their agenda. As a media publisher, you really can't let others roll you like that. I've been involved with Coliseum City longer than anyone still involved. So there's no one who's a better source, ON TOP of the work Mark Davis asked me to do. Plus, the Mayor of Oakland is my Godsister. Plus, I nearly brought the Super Bowl to Oakland in 2000. We lost to JVille. So, whoever you claim to talk to doesn't know jack about me. Fred: You've made your point and I've made mine. I'm the Sports Director at NBC in Los Angeles and have been on TV for over 30 years. I've never been accused of racism because there's no validity to it. As I said, it's insulting. Thank you for your interest. I'll tell this story Monday on the radio. Good luck to you. I hope you things work out for you Me: It has. I am not seeking money - I did this because Mark was wanted the help. OK? But you have to understand how blacks are made to see the World. Most of us say what I say to you to ourselves - I do not do that. I'm not phony. Oh. One other thing: that an NFL source would be so into discrediting me should be a clue that I'm on to something. One other thing: the best course of action was to ask Mike Silver of NFL Network - he was there with me. We have been friends since 1986 at Cal Berkeley He saw Mark Davis ask me to submit the proposal and also confirmed it on Twitter. I mentioned this before, but you did not check. My NFL Sources back me. Also, why not ask Roger Goodell? I've known him since 1997. 1h 1 hour ago And if the NFL has so little respect for me, which is what you imply, then explain this: NFL: Oakland Has Not Submitted Viable Plan To Keep Raiders via @YouTube Or the fact that I'm covering Sunday night's Raiders Game. Or the NFL Draft for the past 10 years. All my own media company, dude. Folks can't handle that. I've implied nothing. I have no idea what your relationship is with the NFL. You're not employed as a spokesperson for the city or county.. You are not employed by the Raiders. You are not currently in negotiations with the city or county. I'm done. And then I was blocked. Fred just wanted to get his licks in, not listen. That's typical. Sad.
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